What material are your T-shirts and where are your fabrics sourced?

Our T-shirts are made with 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton. All of our materials are ethically sourced and produced in Peru.

Will your T-shirts shrink?

All of our T-shirts are pre-washed and will have very little to no shrinkage. The shirt will stay true to size from the first wear to the first wash.

Would you consider the T-shirts to be light or heavy?

Our T-shirts are somewhere in the middle, leaning more towards the lighter side. We wanted the T-shirts to be breathable while maintaining a high quality feel. After testing multiple fabric weights, we decided this was the way to go.

What size should I get?

We suggest that you stick with the size you would normally get. Keep in mind that our T-shirts are slim fit. Please refer to the size chart below for our T-shirt measurements before making a purchase.

How should I wash the T-shirts to retain the softness and quality?

We recommend you wash your T-shirts in cold water with similar colors. To prevent any type of fading and pilling, you should air dry your shirts, making sure to avoid any direct sunlight. If you must, you can tumble dry on low.

Will you be offering more colors?

Absolutely! We are actively receiving feedback from all our customers and will be gauging our next steps based on what you are all asking for. If you have any feedback, please send us an email at hello@laurelandbirch.co. We're excited to hear your thoughts.

Will you be offering a Women’s alternative?

Even though the T-shirts were created for men, we have had some women test them out and they love it as well. If T-shirts are your thing, there is no reason you shouldn't be able to wear this one. To ensure you are getting the right size, please refer to the size chart for the measurements of our T-shirts before making a purchase.

Regardless, we would love to create a version specifically for the ladies and are working with a team to make that happen. We don’t have a date for you quite yet, but we’ll keep you up to date through our newsletter. If you haven’t already, you can sign up for our newsletter to receive all updates in regards to new product releases here.

Do you offer international shipping?

Unfortunately, we do not offer international shipping at this time.

What’s next?

We will be gauging what to do next based on what you are all asking for. If you have any feedback, please send us an email at hello@laurelandbirch.co. We're excited to hear your thoughts.