a better closet, made easy.

quality everyday basics… that’s all.

From ideas on a napkin, talks late after work, to finally bootstrapping the manufacturing of our shirts, we are happy to introduce Laurel & Birch — a brand focused on quality and comfort first, non-sense later.

it’s about comfort

We will never scrap together anything that we aren’t proud to have in our closet. If we don’t wear it and love it, why would you?

We asked one simple question: “What makes a good quality basic?”
The people answered: soft and comfortable.

At Laurel and Birch, we don’t rush the process. Getting it right takes long days and longer nights obsessing over fabrics, sizes, stitches, and styles. Comfort is, and will always be, our number one priority and our products speak to that.

thank you.

We had the pleasure of working directly with our supplier to cut and sew our very first product, the Simple Pima Cotton T-Shirt, a soft and breathable tee great for relaxing on the couch or enjoying a night out with friends.

This is only the start for Laurel & Birch. With your support, we hope to continue creating comfortable basics that you can relax in anywhere and everywhere.

We would love to hear about all your experiences with Laurel & Birch. Please continue to share your stories with friends and remember to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Happy Relaxing.